India Lives in Her Villages

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Rural India consists of 70% of the total population as per the standard de-finition. But as a Rural Market Professional, it would be better described as 95% of the total market. Out of this 95%, around 25% is urban and the rest is rural. Catering to this big rural population is an opportunity as well as a challenge. The growth in rural India is fuelled by agriculture. The rise in use of fertilisers and other agrochemicals is a clear indicator of the growth in agriculture. There is a requirement of the infrastructural development to tackle the increasing yield of the crops. Road infrastructure, grain markets and other infrastructural development have been done to support the agrarian growth. The surge in industry have also helped the rural population to fulfil their dreams. With this development in the infrastructure and storage, the price and selling management have worked in a big way.
The development of private education in villages and nearby towns with CBSE and even ICSE schools have led to the development in educational standards in rural areas. A lot of awareness channels like mass media, TV channels and newspapers in regional languages have played an important role in transferring information to masses. In the last decade or so, the rise in use of mobiles and even smart phones have connected every village with the global information hubs. The role of social media, of course, needs to be discussed here in order to understand the rural market completely.