Rising Standard of Education

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Rising Standard of Education

With this development in the infrastructure and storage, the price and selling management have worked in a big way leading to the development of private education in villages and nearby towns with CBSE and even ICSE boards leading to development in educational standards in rural areas. As per the ninth Annual Status of Education Report (ASER) released, 29% of enrolments in the 6 to14 age group are in private schools. This is a 10% increase in seven years from 18.7% in 2006 to 29% in 2013. Other States and Union Territories with a high percentage of elementary school children in private institutions include Puducherry (54.3%), Haryana (51.4%), Uttar Pradesh (49%), Punjab (46.7%), Jammu & Kashmir (45.5%) and Meghalaya (45.3%). As with private schooling, there is also a growing prevalence of private tuitions among elementary school students. The figure stands at 24.1%. This development of schools and professional colleges in rural India have led to development of professional workforce in rural areas and the companies were able to recruit these people for work in their own home towns. This educational development has also improved the environment for entrepreneurship which have led to development of the industrial areas in smaller towns and development of dairy business and agri allied business. Many students who have studied well have started moving outside the country to foreign lands for a better livelihood leading to more exposure to technology and developed products.

Blog taken from Book " Rural Market Unleashed " available on Amazon.in